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2 Dec 2011
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All these were posted in the past week, but I thought it's easier to have them all in one place. Two in English, two in Romanian (but only fragments as the long ones haven't been broadcast yet)
Interview on Minnesota Public Radio

"The aria from Samson and Delilah is my favorite too! It's my bathroom aria". May I say that I wish it turns into a concert hall aria soon? Oups.. I just said it :) There are some thoughts on each aria on the CD, which I found very interesting. It's the story of the creation of the CD told by the artist. It gives a different feeling. There are many, many details for each aria. Actually this is why I put this interview first. 
Interview on WQXR - Angela Gheorghiu Traces the Footsteps of Callas

What was your reaction when you first listened to Maria Callas. I loved her timber and her way to use her voice. She fought for everything. She was original in everything.. in life, in productions, in singing. I imagined her face when singing. Lots of emotions, of possibilities. I was impressed by her personality. A lot. 
Weren't you afraid of somebody comparing the two of you? No, do it! It's exactly what I'm waiting for. You are curious, this is the important thing. Are you curious to see the video? I'm a winner.
Many things on the Faust at the Met, things she has never said before, on Adriana Lecouvreur, on not willing to be part of experiments in modern productions and on getting back on stage with Roberto next year at ROH.
Interview on Radio Romania Muzical, by Luminita Arvunescu (fragment) - listen HERE
*this interview will be broadcast on RRM on December 24 at 8pm (local time) and again on December 25 at 6pm (local time) I'm waiting for this one because at the some point the interviewer says "we'll talk about each track on the new CD". The general questions related to this CD are "why Callas" (because she was an EMI artist too), "why this repertoire?" (it's eclectic, arias I love), the "new Callas" stuff and so on... Hope this interview will go in depth, having the language in advantage. 

Interview on Radio Romania Cultural, by Oltea Serban Parau (fragment) - listen HERE

Radio Romania Cultural - something from the press conference before Tosca relay at National Opera Bucharest on Nov 28 - listen HERE (scroll down till you see the photo then click on the title) .

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