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4 Dec 2011
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The article inside is similar to others. It gets back to point zero, hometown to ROH via Bucharest (Katona story included), it spices up with some Met Faust and ends gloriously with comments on Homage to Maria Callas. Reading it I felt sorry that the author didn't have the chance to listen to the CD in advance (the interview was taken during ROH Faust, as mentioned in the text). If he did, he wouldn't have insisted so much on the comparison with the person forgetting (or not knowing) what an amazing voice we listen to in all 13+1 tracks. After all, this is all about. The Callas issue is once more clarified in Angela's answers: .
Does she see herself as the New Callas?
No, no, no! Absolutely not! Perhaps there are similarities - my dark looks, my name, which is Greek in origin. But I'm not the New Maria Callas. I am the one and only Angela Gheorghiu!

So why the Callas thing?
It's not a comparison, rather it's a way of drawing together a legacy of 20 years at the top of the game. The thing is, I've done all these roles and lived a certain kind of intense life. Together my life and music tell the story. That's why I've taken Callas as a model - her career as a singer wasn't just a job. It was an expression of her entire being. And so is mine. So the new recording is a culmination of everything, a way of saying "This is me. Here is Angela!" .
If you're in UK, buy the magazine. There's another beautiful photo inside. My favorite, in fact.
Or buy the current issue on iTunes (for iPhone, iPad and other iGadgets). It's only 2,39 euro/issue. Go to Apps, search for Opera Now and you'll get the result in the photo.
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